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Advanced Artist Website Package

Versatile and down-to-business package for artists, photographers, etc.

Design/setup - Advanced $900

+  Domain, hosting, licensing, maintenance, support - $25 per month

  • Advanced Gallery Pages with optional e-commerce. Images are presented in an elegant design setting. Large Jpeg preview is opening with a smooth script, choises of layoaut and image browsing styles.
  • Purchase Options: Via order page / Via PayPal / Prices Shown or Not
  • Bio Page with your photo Contact Page with Feedback Form
  • Order Page with Customizable Terms & Conditions and Order Form
  • F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions with optional default set of questions about Giclee, Limited editions, etc.
  • Links Exchange Program featuring links of other artists affiliated with LIGiclee.com
  • Advanced Administration Interface in Client Area
  • Feedback & Order Archive in Client Area. All the messages from on-line forms generated on your website will be stored in your Client Area "Feedback Archive" forever. You can open this Archive anytime and find an info about a particular person who contacted you a year ago. You can delete messages you don't need. Also you can add some notes about these people and mark answered letters.
  • Advanced Search allows visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. This is especially useful when you have a lot of info and artworks featuring on your website. The Search Engine will look for entered keywords in Art Gallery (Artwork title and description) and in F.A.Q. Page.

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