The good news for ARTISTS

We offer FREE and PROFESSIONAL websites for artists and photographers that are very easy to set up maintain.

WEBSITE Features
your own domain
unlimited content
update yourself (CMS)
dynamic features


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Free websites are simple template based online portfolios. They are meant for artists and fine art photographers, as well as sculptors, who has never been online yet - just so they have something they can show people. Unlimited in image content, they can show a body of work of an artist who is in the very beginning of his art career or cyber art exposure venture.
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What is great about a website by

Every artist, big or small, needs a website these days. Surprisingly not every artist has one. Those who do can't live without one anymore. Those who don't are not really sure if they can afford one or what kind of return they can have on their investment into a website. A lot of beginner and even advanced artists don't really have a big budget to hire a professional web developing company to create a decent looking and functional business minded website.

What if we told you - YOU DON'T NEED A WEB-DEVELOPER! You don't need a big budget with us.
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Responsive Premium Websites for Art

Keeping up with the fast developing technology is our business. Your business is to create, paint, photograph, sculpt, exhibit, share your art.

Do you know what 'Responsive website' means?

It's the website that is sensitive to devices and browsers. It converts automatically for best preview.

Do artists need a personal portfolio website?

Well, everything goes digital and paperless these days. Internet has become a part of most people household. Personal photos and photoalbums go digital all over the world. Sharing photos with your friends and family via internet has become not an option but a necessity.

Our Personal website is a dynamic powerful organizer of your personal memorabilia. It is also an advanced sharing tool allowing sending personal newsletters to your friends. No need for handwritten invitations, Holiday and birthday greetings. No need to mail packages with your event pictures to everyone attended. Save on postage!!! You can just hit 'send' button in your newsletter page - share pictures and information instantly.

Template based or custom design websites?

Template based websites are quite a budget savior for those who just starting in their website building adventure, business or personal. Our templates are very flexible, allowing you to do a minimal self customizing and create a unique look. Those who absolutely must display a 100% individuality are welcome to request a custom look design, while still enjoying all the advanced dynamic features that came with a package. Custom website look design is as affordable as designing a flyer. The difference is - you get a million dollar looking website for the price of that flyer.